Conference and trade fair stands

Conference and trade fair stands

Events such as conferences and trade fairs are an unmissable opportunity to increase your company visibility and to learn about the latest trends in the industry. In order to stand out among competitors, it is essential to present your company with the perfect stand. But how can we design a stand that suits everyone’s needs? Let’s see, below, all the details for the realization of innovative and customized stands.

The importance of conference set-ups

When deciding to design and hold conferences or conventions, it is important to remember that this is a formal event. Therefore, this is a meeting place where professionals who share an interest in a specific topic give life to debates, talks, meetings and dedicated insights.

So, conference set-ups must be designed with the aim of perfectly adapting, on the one hand, to the target audience and the topics covered, and, on the other hand, to all the structural needs. Relying on a team of industry professionals certainly represents a huge advantage.

For these reasons, careful attention to details is necessary; nothing is to be left to chance. It is therefore advisable to make contact with the reference company in time, in order to better manage deadlines, timing and processing of all kinds.

Conference and trade fair stands

The set-up design stages for conference and trade fair stands

Planning a conference or trade fair stand must always be a well thought process; indeed, it is advisable to contact the chosen company early. Here you have the main stages:


  • Consulting: the first meeting with the designer is useful for brainstorming ideas, that leads to define the necessary budget, the objectives to be achieved and the strategy.
  • Design: after a first sketch of the structure, it’s time to think about the materials we want to use and a hypothetical division of the spaces.
  • Realization: the expert moves on to the technical part, with the actual construction of the structure.
  • Assembly-test: before the final installation, the supplying company may propose a general test, a useful step for the latest changes.
  • Logistics: delivery is guaranteed on time and with an organisational plan with deadlines agreed with the customer.


In addition to creating a formal stand, it is important to use creativity and originality so that visitors are attracted and, subsequently, remember your company.

Conference and trade fair stands

The goal of a carefully set-up stand

The main objectives of the design of customised exhibition stands concern, firstly, the desire to attract new visitors by enhancing your products and, subsequently, communicating the company’s strengths and values.

Market developments constantly offer companies new challenges. One of the last, but most heartfelt and important challenges, is dedicated to the interaction of more sustainable processes dedicated to the care of our planet.

Each brand can include the eco-sustainable component in an original way in its stand, so that visitors are influenced by this aspect. One of the most recommended solutions concerns the use of ecological materials for the structure.

Conference and trade fair stands

The best materials for innovative conference and trade fair stands

To include the green philosophy in your stand, you can choose eco-sustainable materials for your exhibition space. Here is a review of the most used:


  • recycled aluminium: it is a resistant and reusable material. Thanks to non-invasive processes, it is possible to make changes to create ever new structures;
  • cork: it is a natural material often used in the creation of exhibiting objects or accessories, but also to cover the skeleton of a structure or to create the flooring;
  • bamboo: in case you are particularly fond of wooden installations, it is advisable to opt for a type of wood with a very rapid growth, bamboo. This option does not affect deforestation, thus helping the ecosystem;
  • OSB wood: panels made with this material can be defined as a more modern and chic version than classic plywood;
  • linoleum: this material is composed of linseed oil, jute and sawdust. It is mainly used for floors that need impact resistance, just like those of the stands on which the structures are mounted.


To further emphasize our attention to the environment, we recommend the use of natural paints, free of solvents and petrochemicals.

If you need customised stands for conferences and trade fairs, let’s stay in touch

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