Exhibition set-up: its features and objectives

Exhibition set-up:

Trade fairs are a crucial moment for the companies that decide to join them: the days in which the event takes place are just the tip of the iceberg. Behind, there is a long planning period, during which you should rely on experts in the field. Managing the exhibition spaces is important to make your participation functional to the company. Let’s see the characteristics and objectives related to the exhibition set-up.

The exhibition set-up’s objective

The main reason why companies decide to take part in trade fairs is to present their products or services to a large number of people. On the other hand, visitors are often really interested in the event, sometimes they are even experts in the field, and consequently have very high expectations. This is why the stand is the element that receives the most attention during the planning phase.

Being a marketing tool, exhibition stands should attract new customers among visitors and consolidate the corporate image among the competitors. For this reason, you should make the best decisions regarding the exhibition set-up from the very beginning: the planning stage. Indeed, exhibition spaces can involve visitors with immersive experiences in the corporate context.

Exhibition set-up

Which is the aim?

You should imagine an exhibition setting as a place in which the company communicates its vision and mission. These are also expressed by the stand itself, by its colours, its elements and the customer experience. That’s exactly why when preparing the exhibition spaces, the aim is to offer your clear company concept and, of course, attract the highest number of people.

Therefore, meeting the company’s objectives requires to focus on brand identity. Including elements that let visitors think of a consolidated corporate identity is the best way to attract, motivate and stimulate possible new customers, giving value to the brand itself.

Exhibition set-up

Who can you be noticed by at trade fairs?

As already said, participation in trade fairs is a great opportunity. On these occasions, in addition to promoting your own brand or service, three important elements distinguish you:

  • competitors: a lot of competitors take part in an exhibition event. However, you can use this tool to understand your differences and to think about the aspects on which you can strategically focus to improve your market position;
  • new customers: visitors are usually interested in the field and are possible new customers. You can reach more customers arousing visitors’ curiosity when they approach your stand.
  • industry experts: journalists, suppliers and buyers are professionals who work or interact daily with the activities related to the sector. Making a good impression on the experts is definitely an important aspect.

To ensure that competitors, industry experts and new customers notice your stand, the project must be carried out as planned. Setting a budget, respecting the project and the realization times are a valid solution to avoid unpleasant setbacks.

Exhibition set-up

An essential element for creating exhibition spaces: creativity

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, in recent years there has been a total renewal that influenced fair events. Companies have been forced to exploit all their creativity to devise effective strategies and participate in new types of events such as digital fairs.

The doors of real exhibitions have recently reopened, however it is advisable not to give up on creativity. Thinking about new ideas to offer in exhibition stands is a stimulating activity for the company and it also has a considerable advantage. Don’t forget that in order to transform visitors into potential customers, you need to draw their attention, involve them and satisfy their expectations. Therefore, giving your personal touch when planning your stand or product or service set-ups can help you reach success.


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