Companies specialized in exhibition set-ups in Milan

Companies specialized in exhibition set-ups in Milan

As well as being the most productive city in Italy, Milan stands out also for the large number of trade fairs it hosts. Indeed, in the Milan market, more and more companies are taking care of customised set-ups to develop projects concerning trade fair stands or retail spaces, such as, for example, customised showrooms. But which are the most common types of set-up? Which are the average costs and ways to choose the most suitable company? Let’s see all the details.

Custom set-ups in Milan

When your company decides to take part in a trade fair event, you should dedicate yourself to the design of your stand as soon as possible. This must respect the aesthetic standards and ensure a high level of visitors involvement. Of course, the key consists in communicating the company values effectively to all visitors.

First of all, the company you entrust take care of presenting and receiving the approval of all the necessary bureaucratic procedures, and then it proceeds with the planning and design of the exhibition space. Depending on the available budget, the ideal company is able to define the type of stand that best suits to every customer’s needs, from every point of view.

exhibition set-ups in Milan

How much do custom set-ups cost in Milan?

Defining a specific cost for a custom set-up is very difficult since it depends on different factors. Among these, we can find the complexity of the structure and the type of stand required. This is followed by the choice of materials, which, if of a high level, represents another aspect capable of affecting the total price of the structure.


Therefore, it is not enough to rely exclusively on the square meters of a stand and on its extension: number of components, equipment and structural elements are other aspects that influence the final cost.


It is important to highlight how all these notes don’t apply when it comes to rental stands. In this case, we already have the starting structures on which we can carry out a set-up project. For this reason, in this case the final cost tends to decrease.

exhibition set-ups in Milan

How to choose the right company?

Nowadays, fairs represent an important tool to put into practice real marketing strategies. It is therefore essential to pay attention to the company you choose to rely on: targeting professionals in the sector, able to grasp the essence of your brand or service is the starting point for an ad hoc project.

exhibition set-ups in Milan

There are particular aspects that should be taken into account to optimize and make the set-up of a retail space effective. These include:


  • the company’s customer-oriented approach;
  • the provision of competitive budgets;
  • the strategic capabilities of the company providing the services;
  • the wide range of services offered at all stages;
  • the ability to convey the desired message.


Finally, we should remember that it is necessary to make contact with the chosen company so as to be able to agree and conclude the project on time. A fair notice is essential and guarantees a positive set-up result: generally it is advisable to contact the company 6 months before the event. 


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