We have successfully been taking care for years of the logistics and transport of trade fair stands, ensuring that even this final step is carried out perfectly.[lwptoc]

la logistica di prezioso Leonardo allestimenti su misura
la logistica di prezioso Leonardo allestimenti su misura

From designing fair stands to logistics

The Leonardo Prezioso company stands out from other trade fair installation companies due to our highly skilled team of architects and designers who will guide you in creating your stand right from the planning phase.

Thanks to our wealth of experience in the field, we understand well how important it is to have a stand that portrays your company’s image and that can convey the uniqueness of your products or services: this is why we’re the ideal partner for developing trade fair stands.

Our desire to see our projects put into use drives us to also offer a logistics service for stands, which is essential to ensure that all the stand’s components are assembled in the best possible way, in order to guarantee a successful outcome.

la logistica di prezioso Leonardo allestimenti su misura
stand personalizzato cugher 01
stand personalizzato cugher 01

Coordination of stand logistics and more

What makes our company stand out is the ability to accompany those who work with us through the whole process, from designing the exhibition stand to production, assembly, and transport.

This is why, from our point of view, coordinating stand logistics is the culmination of a long development process and it represents the last step of a project that is born with listening to the client’s needs, that grows by concretely building what the client desires, and, at the same time, that needs to be able to transmit originality and recognizability to the fair stand.

Taking care of coordinating stand logistics means being present on site and meticulously overseeing every step. In fact, your stand’s journey begins thanks to the support of our logistics team, which organizes the loading and transportation of the materials onto our own vehicles (trucks, tractor units, and vans): this allows us to accompany you to wherever you want to assemble your stand. In addition, using our own vehicles allows us to transport the materials in total safety and to personally ensure that they’re not damaged during transport.

Before installing the stand at the trade fair, we make sure that all the individual components of the chosen display solutions have arrived at their destination completely intact, so they may give the desired “wow effect”.

stand modulare ace home 01 1
stand modulare ace home 01 1

The importance of precise stand logistics

Transporting the booth is the final step of a much longer process that includes the design phase and the creation of the components that will make up the company’s exhibition space at the trade show.

It follows that ensuring precise stand logistics allows all the materials needed for the assembly of the chosen exhibition solution to arrive at their destination in excellent condition. In fact, compared to other companies that produce exhibition stands, logistics at Prezioso Leonardo are characterized by:

  • Well-organized transport of materials, which will arrive at destination completely undamaged
  • Using our own transport vehicles
  • Coordinating stand logistics to the smallest detail – every project for us is special and unique.

Additionally, we take care of any bureaucratic formalities necessary for the transport of the stands, including customs operations, relieving the customer from the burden of having to deal with them personally. In fact, our mission is to be the only partner you need for the entire process of developing exhibition stands, freeing you from having to take care of tasks that are outside of your area of expertise. Rely on experts of exhibition stand logistics and be freed from your worries: our specialized and highly experienced team will provide for transporting the stand and installing it in the exhibition space.

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