The Prezioso Leonardo team of technicians and developers plans and builds custom-made trade fair stands and personalized installations of great impact, designed to make the client’s brand stand out and maximizing the improvement in brand image and sales from every fair or event.

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casa milo progetto home

Personalized stands

Companies that participate in a national or international trade fair desire to be as visible as possible and, in order to reach this goal, it’s essential to use a personalized stand. The Prezioso Leonardo team has been for years supporting companies that want to prepare a recognizable and easy-to-find stand for fairs.

Rely on the expertise of our team and you will be able to achieve a completely custom-built result, thanks to our ability to not only entirely plan but also actually construct the stand in-house. Our designers, architects, and interior designers, having understood your company’s expectations, will develop a completely personalized project where every component, from the furniture to the lighting and the colors, is custom-built. Nothing will be left to chance.

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Stand personalizzato Mascheroni 2018 Prezioso Leonardo 3
Stand personalizzato Mascheroni 2018 Prezioso Leonardo 3
Stand personalizzato Mascheroni 2018 Prezioso Leonardo 3

Innovative fair stands

Relying on experts who, like Prezioso Leonardo, can create entirely personalized solutions is especially useful when you desire innovative fair stands. The fair stand designs that we have created in over 50 years of experience are the result of a careful study of the market, from understanding the brand’s personality to translating this concept into lines, shapes, and colors. Every installation must seem unique to those who see it for the first time: this is what allows a stand to become memorable and noticeable.

The creation of personalized and innovative stands is one of the features most appreciated by companies that choose this service in order to better show their brand identity and convey unique emotions. In particular, companies that want to present themselves as highly innovative groups need to convey this idea through their chosen exhibition stand. Our team of architects and designers will create a custom project, designed to be hospitable and comfortable for those who use it during the event.

Our fair stand designs are highly valued all over the world, thanks to the care given to the choice of materials and the finishes, and the precision with which the project itself is assembled on site. Don’t trust in do-it-yourself fair booths which may turn out to be a waste of time and money and instead rely on true professionals: Leonardo Prezioso has been for years successfully developing stands that satisfy the needs of every client, and, most importantly, that provide the desired effect during the event: the brand is elegantly showcased and is immediately recognizable compared to the others. Our strength lies in our ability to internally manage every single step of the project, from the design phase to logistics and assembly: the use of tools, equipment, and machinery owned by us allows us to manage requests as fast as possible, while maintaining an excellent standard of quality. In addition, the cost of the project can be adjusted depending on the budget, while still remaining very competitive in the market of national and international trade fair installations.