Stand and Set-up for medical congresses

Set-up for medical congresses

The medical congress sector is a very profitable field in which, every year, more and more events are taking place. There are more than 17,000 congresses per year related to this field and they are particularly popular. Organising these events is not that simple. For this reason, it is necessary to rely on specialised companies, able to build successful tailor-made events. Let’s see a small guide to the design of a medical congress.

Organising a medical congress

When it comes to organise a medical congress, you need to carefully consider some aspects that greatly influence its success. Let’s see the main steps that allow us to reach a successful medical congress. These are listed below:


  • planning: this phase should take place between 6 and 12 months before the event. In this preparatory phase all the basic information such as date, place, time and participants are defined. Particular attention must be paid to budget management and set-up planning;
  • advertising: this moment is dedicated to the management of registrations and the publishing of the event program in order to make it known as much as possible;
  • development: here it is necessary to check that all aspects are monitored and that the events take place according to the plans;
  • the feedback phase: a real final monitoring is carried out that deals with providing post-event data. These are particularly useful to analyse and organise future events.


These steps must be carefully followed in order to reach an adequate organization. Remember that it is advisable to rely on companies which have experience in the field, able to best meet all needs and prevent any problem.

Stand and Set-up for medical congresses


From the point of view of the set-ups, a place on which it is necessary to pay attention is the reception. This must be designed and built according to precise standards, both from a structural and a functional point of view.

You should know the number of participants at the event, the methods of accreditation decided and the spaces available. At this point, the competent companies are responsible for studying, designing and creating the most suitable installations.

Stand and Set-up for medical congresses

The stands

Within medical congresses, especially those sponsored by pharmaceutical companies, real exhibition spaces are often required, which are dedicated to products’ presentation and sale, as well as places dedicated to meetings and talks.

These spaces must also be organised in detail, in order to ensure an optimal management of the flow of visitors, on the one hand, and, on the other, to set-up spaces that are aesthetically pleasing, attractive and functional.

Stand and Set-up for medical congresses

How to choose the right company to organise stands and set-ups for medical congresses?

When it comes to organise medical events and congresses, it is necessary to rely on companies specialized in the sector that know how to make the most of all the space potential and the organizing company. In the market there are many professionals who deal with the organisation of events and exhibition stands. But how do you choose the right company?

It is crucial to choose companies that can provide a complete service in case of any problem or inconvenience. Assistance during all pre- and post-sales processes is essential, as is the taking charge of all assembly, disassembly and transport costs.


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