Planning conferences capable of engaging emotionally with the participants is an important and delicate challenge for a brand. Our team boasts decades of experience in the preparation of business events, acting as an all-around technical and logistical partner.

congresso medico roma 2019 01
congresso medico roma 2019 01

Exhibition solutions for meetings and fairs

When a company decides to take part in a convention or conference, it must, first of all, ask itself: how can people who are interested in my brand find me? We at Prezioso Leonardo have found the solution for this problem and we offer it to all those who want to become the highlight of conferences.

We allow brands that rely on us to develop and express their image through their booth. In fact, stands for fairs and conferences can create an atmosphere that is welcoming but also coherent with the company’s values and field, and this allows them to become a precious tool to communicate with a company’s customers.

Prezioso Leonardo’s designers and architects carefully evaluate all your company’s needs, keeping your resources and opportunities in mind, and developing solutions that are aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional.

congresso medico roma 2019 01
congresso medico milano 01
congresso medico milano 01
congresso medico milano 01

Our stands for conventions and conferences

Creating a stand for a convention or conference, for us at Prezioso Leonardo, means developing a creative project personalized to suit your company’s objectives. This is why we follow your project from the planning phase all the way to assembly, guaranteeing a result that meets high standards of quality.

In order for a stand to be effective, it must not only express the values of the company it represents, but it must also be able to use these values to stand out and attract the attention of passers-by. The ability to appear recognizable and memorable is the guiding principle behind our team’s organization of conferences.

To obtain this result, we make use of a highly qualified and completely in-house team, which is always up-to-date with the latest trends and with the newest technologies. After the creative design phase, our team moves onto the production phase, during which they make use of our instruments, systems, and equipment to build the internal construction of the stand. Logistics, installation, and assistance for bureaucratic issues are some of the other services that we provide to all the companies that decide to work with us, in order to never again go unnoticed at a conference.

Every stand for fairs and conferences that we have built during our 50 years of operation is the result of the work of a team of experts, made up of people who can give their individual contributions on creative and technical consultation, graphics, audio, video, and logistics, depending on their field of expertise. The speed at which we can complete projects, without ever sacrificing quality, is one of the reasons why so many companies have up to this day chosen to work with us in developing their stands and installations for national and international fairs.

Our internal production division has all the tools available to develop an exhibition installation that combines carefully selected furniture, highly advanced audio and video systems, and a style that makes the stand easily recognizable inside the fair. Every project for conferences or conventions is studiously crafted to satisfy the expectations of your company, express its identity, and capture the interest of all those who are participating in the event.

Prezioso Leonardo is a fully rounded-out partner for the creation of a stand or a conference installation: thanks to the competence and experience we have obtained in the field, we can guide our customers from planning to installing the stand in your venue.

Place your trust in conference planning professionals and get ready to experience an entirely new kind of fair.