Tailor-made and turnkey showroom projects

Turnkey showroom projects

The design of a showroom represents a crucial moment when it comes to set up exhibition and retail spaces able to fully involve visitors and customers. For this reason, customised design is increasingly popular to set up a space capable of communicating the true company or brand identity and sending the right message to new customers.

So, let’s see how a customised showroom is designed and why it is necessary to rely on specialized companies.

How to design a bespoke showroom?

The design of a showroom or a retail space is something personal. Each company presents its values and mission and the organising companies should precisely identify them by giving them the right space. Indeed, once the reference target has been traced, a market analysis is carried out, which is useful to reach a precise design.


The organising companies involved in the design and set up of retail spaces and bespoke showrooms aim at creating an immersive and engaging environment, able to communicate the brand values. For this purpose, they analyse and study every space, from the exhibitors to the shop windows in order to guarantee an unforgettable and even profitable experience.


The importance of relying on industry professionals

When a company decides to create customised showrooms or retail spaces, it is advisable to take into account the importance of relying on experts in the field. They dedicate themselves to every aspect that leads to the final realization of the desired environments.


In this case, there are a lot of valuable advantages. First of all, you can rely on a company that understands and is aware of the customer’s needs and requirements. Then, it also deals with the  bureaucratic procedures such as electrical system certifications, flame retardant qualities and correct assembly.


Another very important aspect is its support before and after the event. We recommend relying on a company that guarantees the transport of equipment and final products with its vehicles and their set-up on site carried out by a technical team, as well as their dismantling.


Personalization as a reflection of brand identity

When planning the creation of a bespoke showroom, the most significant aspect, which acts as a guideline and ultimate goal, is the desire to communicate  to customers and visitors the brand identity in the most natural and effective way.


In this process, the aim is to affirm and, where necessary, improve the company’s business. The creation of well thought environments, in line with the brand identity, leads to spaces that perfectly reflect the company philosophy.


Nowadays, in order to be effective in today’s market, a showroom must necessarily include digital elements. Therefore, it must fit into a multichannel strategy that also includes interactive tools, so that the whole range of company values is communicated.


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