The exhibition spaces and how to best design them

Some useful tips on how to best organize exhibition spaces for fairs and conferences.

Trade fairs are an opportunity to increase the company’s visibility and make oneself known within the sector. To maximize the effectiveness of your presence, you should take into account the preparatory stage of the event: design your own exhibition space and make sure that it is organized in the best possible way.

The exhibition space: the stand

Fairs are a fundamental tool to promote your company and gain greater visibility. To effectively participate, you should make the most of the available space: the stand. The design of exhibition spaces is a crucial step: paying attention to the preparatory planning of the space management can be a winning move.


The exhibition space must not only be well-finished, but also original and representative of the activity. It must be well-designed in order to draw the visitors’ attention while involving them so that they approach the stand itself.

exhibition spaces

How to make your stand unique

In order to ensure that the exhibition spaces are noticed and are unequivocally distinguished, it is necessary to evaluate some primary aspects for the planning. It is advisable to define the following points:


  • what you want to communicate;
  • how you want to present the product/service;
  • how to intrigue visitors;
  • staff and logistics management.


As we already said, the stand’s main objective is to attract visitors so that they approach; however, when this happens, essential is being able to keep them inside for as long as possible. In this case, an attentive, friendly and well-trained staff plays a very important role.

exhibition spaces

The types of stands you can choose from

The stand should focus all the attention on the company’s strengths. When purchasing exhibition spaces, it is advisable to take into account the exhibition’s specific structural characteristics.


The type of space influences the set-up and management of the spaces, which is why, from the very beginning, you should know the type of stand you are going to have at the exhibition.


The most common stands types are:

  • stand with one open side;
  • stand with two open sides;
  • peninsula stand, with three open sides;
  • island stand, without closed sides.


Based on the type of exhibition spaces purchased, we study installations aimed at building a cognitive and emotional path to give the visitors all the information you want to provide and be stuck in their minds.

exhibition spaces

Innovative set-up guidelines

When designing a stand, the main rule is to stand out from the competition. To make this happen, we can focus on new, alternative and surprising ideas. Here you can find the guidelines for an innovative and unique set-up:


  • making the stand visible from afar: in this case, you should focus on an unusual shape or on particular colours;
  • creating light effects to effectively illuminate your projects: the location of lighting can help make your brand unique;
  • launching visual messages: you can create paths that bring the visitor’s eyes from the brand to the products or services proposed;
  • free Wi-Fi: having a good Internet network inside the stand can be a good idea to increase the length of the customers’ visit.
  • product explanation: to ensure that the product or service is clearly and quickly understood, you can include trained personnel in the stand and give them the opportunity to take advantage of digital media.


Since the exhibition spaces are limited, you should take advantage of every surface for graphics. Showing a strong brand identity helps a potential customer to trust the company, it is a way to show the brand’s awareness and its passion for its work.

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