Organising trade fair events

Organising trade fair events

Every trade fair event requires a very demanding preparatory and planning stage. This step is essential for companies’ participation to take place in the best possible way. Below, you can find all the important elements you need to take care of in order to reach an excellent result.

The importance of trade fair events

Trade fairs are a great opportunity to promote the activities of all exhibitors participating. Since fairs usually focus on a specific area, here you can meet your competitors and compare yourself with them; moreover, you can be in close contact with customers.


Taking part in trade fairs allows the company to make itself known and show its full potential. Essential is the opportunity to meet your competitors: trade fairs represent the perfect event to better understand the differences with other companies and also assess their progress.


Therefore, a trade fair event is a showcase to be noticed by all possible new customers in your specific area. Moreover, it is a privileged observation point to understand what role the company plays in the market and to study your competition.

Organising trade fair events

Trade fairs as an opportunity for advertising

Fair events represent an opportunity for exposure. Taking part in these important events and drawing attention means to make your brand or services increasingly known, becoming a leader in your industry.


In order to join trade fairs effectively, it is therefore significant to be recognizable and to draw the participants’ attention right away. An ad hoc stand, which takes advantage of your brand colours and mood, is the most direct way to get known by other business realities and interested customers. The exhibition stand must be the company symbol throughout the event, and for this reason we should take care of all its aspects.

Organising trade fair events

The importance of the corporate image

The image companies show at these events requires particular attention to detail. There are many aspects we should consider; here is a list of the most important ones:


  • posters, roll-ups, digital screens: if you decide to include these elements in your stand, it is essential to show high quality, relevant and eye-catching images;
  • keywords: each sentence chosen to advertise your company must be short and immediate, it cannot leave room for interpretations and uncertainties;
  • business card: when joining trade fairs, the booth itself is the company’s business card and for this reason it should fully represent the company’s reality and the proposed activities.


Generally, fair events are crowded places, so distinguishing yourself from competitors and drawing attention is even more difficult. For this reason, the choice of colours for the different fairs is one of the most delicate aspects: it is necessary to be clear, significant and representative.

Organising trade fair events

Aspects to consider during the planning stage

Depending on the trade fair events, we should focus on different aspects, setting aside others, which will then be resumed later. A perfect event planning consists in evaluating what is good to do at the beginning. That’s why, before starting the design, you have to look for:


  • sponsors: having sponsors who finance the event and believe in the activities involved is the first step towards a successful outcome. You can contact both commercial and institutional sponsors;
  • exhibitors: a fair can only take place when an appropriate number of companies are interested in participating as exhibitors, since this allows to create a network of professionals in the sector;
  • the location: this choice is not easy as it must take into account different aspects such as the number of scheduled stands, the types of activities to be carried out and the available budget.


However, all these aspects are managed by logistics: an essential strategic factor when it comes to organise noteworthy trade fair events. Involving specialized professionals makes the planning phases more structured, avoiding waste of time and with a good level of problem-solving in order to overcome emerging problems.


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