How to set up a temporary store

How to set up a temporary store

A temporary store represents for the brand the opportunity to get in touch with consumers in a more original and targeted way. It is a store located in a strategic point, whose opening is limited to a few days or a couple of months at most. To achieve the objectives, it is necessary to pay particular attention to the set-ups to help draw customer’s attention.

Temporary store: what is it?

Before focusing on construction and set-ups, we should clarify what a temporary store is. It is a non-permanent store, with a variable duration. A space that allows the brand to get in touch with customers in a different and more dynamic way, and with a higher level of customization on all aspects.


For the retail sector, temporary stores are an opportunity for experimentation: often here ideas developed that, in the long term, the company wants to introduce in all official flagship stores. Therefore, the temporary shop becomes a laboratory in which the project is subjected to a sample of customers. The company then studies the response and assesses whether the reaction obtained is favourable.


When evaluating the opening of a temporary store, the aim is to achieve three main objectives:


  • increased brand visibility on the market;
  • sales increase;
  • greater public engagement on social media.


However, the limited duration of the shop requires a careful planning in every detail, both for the preparatory phase, which consists in choosing the location and the period of the year, and in the design of the store itself.

temporary store

Temporary stores as a marketing strategy

Temporary stores also represent strategic marketing actions, as they are located in strategic places such as very renowned and popular shopping centres, train stations, etc. Geographical location is a key factor.

All this aims to increase brand awareness and to strengthen the brand image, which is hoped to be more recognized and remembered.

As these are temporary shops, they involve lower costs for companies than opening a real permanent store. Moreover, having a limited duration, the brand often adopts unconventional marketing techniques: original exhibition spaces are created in which the customer can live unique and personalized experiences.

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An important element: location

For a temporary store to work, it must be opened along a road on which many people go through. And the location must be on a place suitable for the type of audience you want to attract and in line with the brand identity. Some locations from which you can be inspired for the placement of a temporary store can be:


  • temporary stores in stores;
  • railway stations or airport terminals in metropolises;
  • shopping malls;
  • art galleries;
  • city parks;
  • streets or squares.


It is clear, therefore, that you can use your creativity in order to create a temporary store capable of drawing attention and making people talk about your company. A creative idea increases brand popularity and generates a strong word of mouth also on social networks.

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Preparation and management of exhibition spaces

The shopping experience inside a temporary store must be remembered positively by the customer, therefore, designing a path within the store is a strategy that avoids the feeling of confusion.

By using the set-up of products, colours, lights and digital media, it is possible to make the customer experience engaging and personalized, this also helps to increase the permanence within the individual’s store.

The most creative temporary stores have a very wide media impact, thanks to social networks: the creation of a particular corner in which to take photos and videos, increases the overall hype towards the brand and brings more visitors.

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