MIDO in Milan: the features of the stands

MIDO 2022

MIDO is a European event dedicated to the latest trends in the eyewear industry and the most innovative optical solutions. All the players in the eyewear sector, from manufacturers to retailers, will be present at this event. Brands will have the opportunity to present their products and technologies to visitors, offering unique visual experiences. Here are the main features of MIDO and its exhibition stands.

What is MIDO 2022

In the last two years, MIDO could not be held in person due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  Finally, in 2022 we are able to attend a new edition of MIDO: it will be held at Fiera Milano City, from the 12th to the 14th of February.It will be a valuable opportunity for the various sectors of the optical industry, such as medical technology, ophthalmic optics, eye health, eyewear and pharmacy.

With more than 1,300 companies attending MIDO 2022, it will be an opportunity for companies to extend their network, raise brand awareness, increase their visibility and share their knowledge.  Furthermore, they will have the opportunity to attract new customers and make them live an unforgettable experience.


In addition, MIDO 2022 will have different areas where ophthalmology companies can offer all kinds of experiences to visitors. There will be the following areas:

  • fashion district, a place where companies can presents their new products;
  • MORE! for innovations and previews of the future eyewear market;
  • Lab Academy is an exclusive area reserved for a selected group of companies chosen by a committee of experts;
  • Stand Up For Green is an award for the most sustainable company taking part in the event.


There are many activities planned to entertain the 60,000 trade visitors expected at this major international event.


The engaging programme planned for MIDO 2022 includes demonstrations, lectures, workshops and other special events to create a friendly and entertaining environment for participants.  Furthermore, this event is organized according to the latest Covid-19 guidelines for the prevention and protection of company members and visitors.

Mido Milan

Tips for an effective stand at MIDO

Participating in an international trade fair can be a valuable opportunity for a company for many reasons. For example, it can give the company the opportunity to connect with a wide audience and provide a memorable shopping experience to its customers. But to do so, companies need to design their stand properly so that visitors and potential customers are naturally attracted to it.

First, if you are designing an exhibition stand, you should rely on a professional designers and builder who can customize your stand according to your brand’s identity, to the aim of the stand, the budget and the space available.


Successful stands are recognisable thanks to the branded modules and panels used: the stand and the brand logo should stick in the visitor’s minds. This way, you ensure that the involvement created during the exhibition will last long after it has ended.

Remember that customers like to try out the products: instead of a verbal explanation of what the brand offers, you should give visitors the opportunity to  try out your products.

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If you are eager to participate in the MIDO exhibition but you are not sure about the stand design, you should rely on Leonardo Prezioso, a qualified Italian company that provides customized furniture, modules and panels for booths, showrooms and temporary stores.