BioFach Nuremberg 2022

At BioFach in Nuremberg with your trusted stand builder

A trade fair event awaited by the entire organic-loving world is the BioFach in Nuremberg. The exhibitors are divided according to the type of products they present: each stand, just like the elements on display, should be eco-sustainable in order to fully support the trend of the sector they represent.

BioFach: What is it about?

Every year, an excellence of the panorama of trade fair events takes place in Nuremberg: the Nuremberg BioFach. It is the world’s leading trade fair for organic food. This exhibition, in addition to being specialized in the bio-food sector, is a real platform for creating networking. The importance of the BioFach show is internationally recognized: it gathers exhibitors and visitors from different parts of the world. A real union between organic tradition and innovation, as well as a point of contact between the pioneers and newcomers of the global organic market in all its variety.

BioFach Nuremberg


The international promoter of BioFach is IFOAM – Organics International, while, at a national level, the BÖLW or the German Union of economic operators in the ecological food sector.

The event in question takes place every year in February in Germany. In the background there is the city of Nuremberg in which almost 3,000 exhibitors and over 50,000 professional visitors from over 130 countries gather.


The next edition is scheduled at the Nürnber Messe exhibition center from 15 to 18 February 2022. The exhibition is back in presence after the 2021 stop which saw the digital version of the event take place, called BioFach eSpecial.

For companies aiming to participate, it may be useful to know that it is necessary to apply as exhibitors and present their registered trademark before the start of the event. The BioFach salon, in fact, selects producers to offer a unique variety of organic foods in the world, therefore it is committed to applying strict admission criteria and a certification of the organic authenticity of the elements.

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How to create eco-sustainable exhibition stands

For an event like BioFach it is appropriate to support the theme of sustainability and innovation also in the construction of the stand set-up. It should be remembered that exhibition spaces are temporal structures, with a life span of a few weeks: directing one’s attention to the materials used can be an important starting point.

In fact, to set up a stand, a mechanism is activated which includes various people, means of transport and numerous modular parts. Once the event is over, the various parts of the stand are dismantled and transported to the disposal centers or depots. Precisely for this reason, designers and fitters have begun to invest in green constructions, with the use of completely sustainable materials.

BioFach di Norimberga 3

Eco-sustainable materials for stands

Therefore, if you want to approach the world of eco-sustainable exhibition stands, it is good to start from a few simple ideas:

  • recyclable cardboard: for elements of a stand such as chairs, tables and displays, this material is perfect because it can be easily disposed of;
  • corrugated cardboard: this type of recyclable cardboard is particularly suitable for environments where you are looking for a material that allows you to save in terms of energy;
  • wood: a material present in nature and totally renewable, it is an ally to support the ecosystem especially if it comes from derived woods;
  • recycled aluminium: it is a reusable and easily transportable material, it provides an interesting sustainable alternative. The recycled aluminum offers strength, so it is possible to assemble and disassemble the stand to reuse it, but at the same time, it is machinable, offering the possibility to make changes according to your needs;
  • the fabric: it is frequently combined with recycled aluminium. It too is easy to transport and with the sublimation printing technique, it also becomes reusable. Thanks to the latter, with a washing in the washing machine you get a clean fabric ready for a new use.


Another form of attention to the environment in the creation of your stand to be presented at the Nuremberg fair can be through the choice of bio-ecological water-based paints: solvent-free paints and petrochemical components.


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